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IVAO Funds

IVAO is only one company that has three highly specialized investment funds in life-prolonging area, that can fit both high risk investors interested in venture and conservative ones.


Fits best

Investment exposure

Recommended horizon of investments

Min Investment

Expected yield (not guaranteed, based on history and predictions)


Professional and retail investors

Stock Market

1-2 years

30 000 RUR

20% YTD

IVAO II Science

Qualified investors ready to take risks and go long run

Venture market and patents

5-6 years

50 000 $

35% YTD

IVAO II All in one

Qualified investors

Stock market and venture market

3-4 years

5 000$

25% YTD

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Investment Fund IVAO I

Investment exposure: stock market.

Sectors: biotechnology, medical devices, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals.

Fund consists of:

  • At least 20 public companies
  • Minimum market cap of a single company: $1B
  • One company can be no more than 10% of overall assets
  • How frequently we review strategy and companies in the fund: at least once per quarter

Expected profitability: 20% (based on historic evaluation and forecast; not guaranteed)
Possible risk: 10%*

  • Investment requirements:
  • Minimum initial investments: 30,000RUR
  • Management fee: 3.5% of total assets
  • Commission for adding funds: 2%, discount selling: 2%
  • Investment horizon: 1year

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IVAO Fund II: Science

Strategy: World unique fund of scientific assets.

Our mission: find and discover possible patents, technologies and companies that can lead and create life prolonging medical solutions.

How fund can make money: selling technologies, patents and companies to big pharma

Fund consists of:

  • Up to 75% of patents
  • Up to 20% of Venture investments
  • Up to 25% of in seed investments
  • Up to 10% in fixed income (to get liquidity)

Expected profitability: 235–40% YTD (based on historic evaluation and forecast; not guaranteed)
Possible risk: 25%*

Investment requirements:

  • Minimum initial investments: $50,000
  • Management fee: 3.0% of total assets + 20% of profits goes to GP
  • Investment horizon: from 5 years

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IVAO Fund III: All in one

Strategy: Unique open-ended fund, that works in life prolonging an anti aging areas. We find our investment opportunities using finance and scientific methods. We are looking for companies that can fight aging!

Fund consists of:

  • Up to 25% of public companies and ETFs
  • Up to 60% of Private companies
  • Up to 25% of Venture funds
  • Up to 20% pre IPO companies
  • Up to 20% in seed companies
  • Up to 15% in bonds (to increase liquidity)
Fund consists of:
  • Fund has at least 20 different entities
  • Investments in one entity can be no more than 5% of total assets

Expected profitability: 25–20% YTD (based on historic evaluation and forecast; not guaranteed)
Possible risk: 15%*

Investment requirements:

  • Minimum initial investments: $1,000
  • Management fee: 3.0% of total assets + 20% of profits goes to GP
  • Investment horizon: 2 years

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Main technology areas where funds invest:

  • The use of induced pluripotent stem cells
  • Preventing the aging of stem cell niches
  • Reactivation of telomerase
  • Transplantation of hematopoietic stem cells
  • The destruction of senescent (arrested) cells
  • Creation of immune cell engineering methods
  • Reducing the expression of caveolin
  • Activation of chaperone-mediated autophagy
  • Reduction of proteasome inhibition
  • Reducing the accumulation of lipofuscin
  • Suppression of transposition activity of mobile genetic elements
  • Epigenetic regulation of gene longevity and stress resistance
  • Slow age involution of the thymus
  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • The identification of genes associated with longevity
  • Regenerative medicine: tissue engineering
  • Tissue engineering
  • Search geroprotectors
  • Pharmacological inhibition of age-related diseases
  • Regulation of signaling pathways (Wnt, mTOR, Shh, melatonin, PI3K, NFKB)
  • Creation of drugs that slow the glycation of proteins
  • Prevention of protein carbonylation
  • Combating the effects of oxidative stress, the development of anti-oxidants
  • Caloric restriction
  • Modeling the aging process
  • Studying the phenomenon of negligible senescence
  • The search for biomarkers of aging
  • Search for longevity factors acting early in life
  • replacement enzyme therapy neurometabolic diseases
  • Gene therapy of age-related diseases
  • Prevention of reducing the activity of repair enzymes
  • Developing delivery methods of peptide nucleic acids in human mitochondria
  • Development of molecular assemblers — devices to «repair» of living organisms
  • Cancer therapy using nanovektorov
  • Creating medical nanorobots
  • Regulating energy cells
  • Replacement of damaged tissue areas with implants
  • vitamin cocktail
  • Creating a database connection is established between Omikami
  • LED therapy
  • Selective elimination of CD28 cells
  • The use of genetically modified lymphocytes to fight cancer
  • Development of vaccines against age-related diseases
  • Stem cell therapy
  • Cryopreservation of whole organs
  • Creating effective krioprootektorov
  • Stimulation of individual parts of the brain to optimize their functions with age
  • Personalized medicine
  • Development of methods for the functional recovery of the central nervous system, the stimulation of neurogenesis
  • The study and application of hormesis
  • Neuro-computer interfaces
  • Bionic prostheses
  • optogenetics
  • Molecular computers
  • System impact on the aging process