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On Thursday the major markets closed in green zone again. DJIA +0.73%, Nasdaq +0.57%, S&P500 +0.53%!
Biotech market also has raised: NASDAQ Biotechnology (NBI) +0.33%!

Shares of Prothena Corporation plc (PRTA) +5.02% and Foamix Pharmaceuticals Ltd (FOMX) +7.12% had raised. Shares of Immune Desi (IMDZ) -6.53% and XBiotech Inc. (XBIT) -15.49% had fallen!
Sage Therapeutic (SAGE) stocks increased $0.45 and closed at $6.77 (+7.12%).  The trading volume exceeded 5 times the average trading: 534K vs. 164K. The company's capitalization was $208M. The minimum FOMX share price: $5.48, while the maximum price: $12.20.

The longest lived laboratory mice, more than a decade after the creation of the first lineage, are still those with impaired growth hormone signaling. That record has yet to be overtaken, and I suspect that it may well stand unbroken until the development of rejuvenation therapies based on damage repair is further advanced, and senescent cell clearance is joined by other types of therapy, their effects adding together. Thus growth hormone and growth hormone receptor genes in humans are one of the places to look for variants and mutations that might improve our understanding of how metabolism influences aging, and as a bonus for those interested in pharmacological or genetic adjustment of metabolism, may lead to ways to modestly slow aging.

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