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IVAO Index

IVAO-25 Index tracks the performance of companies that develop drugs and technologies in the life extension and anti-aging areas. It is equally weighted index that contains large pharmaceutical companies and small-cap biotechnological companies conducting clinical trials only. IVAO-25 Index is calculated by the IVAO experts developed method, which includes the scientific potential of the companies in the life extension area. The profit and long-term advantage of biotech companies strongly depends on the quality of scientific research. So it’s important to pay attention to scientific research in the evaluation of companies.

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Month Date Index value Change, %
august 23.08.2017 256,71 0,00
22.08.2017 256,71 1,46
21.08.2017 253,01 0,20
18.08.2017 252,52 0,12
17.08.2017 252,21 -1,76
16.08.2017 256,72 -0,24
15.08.2017 257,35 -0,04
14.08.2017 257,45 0,49
11.08.2017 256,18 0,70
10.08.2017 254,40 -2,24
09.08.2017 260,23 -0,63
08.08.2017 261,86 -0,53
07.08.2017 263,25 0,14
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The index computations are based on quantitative and qualitative research issuers. The volume and efficiency of investment in R & D (research & development — research and development activities) are also taken into account as well as the quality and number of publications, number of patents generated within the organization.

The portfolio has the top 25 biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies operating in the field of life extension and maximize the final assessment of the financial and scientific criteria.