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Invest with IVAO

IVAO provide science, financial expertise and modern investment services. With our help you can invest in private companies, venture projects, patents and promising scientific R&D.

The procedure of investment in academic organizations includes:

  • Searching the thematic projects. The volume of investment and level of risk are suitable for different investors;

  • The negotiation process with the representatives of the academic organization: the office of technology transfer, research team members or management;

  • Implementation of the investment process.

The benefits for scientists and researchers:

  • Get a one time or staging financing;

  • Assistance in resolving law and organizational issues;

The benefits for investors:

  • Royalties — regular payments to the investor from a certain stage of the technology commercialization;

  • Option on share of the startup — the investor can get share of the company if development of technology was successful;

  • Startups — getting the investor share of the startup at the time of investment.

The parties involved in process:

  • Researching team;

  • Offices of technology transfer in the form of academic organization or division as a separate company representing the interests of the academic organization.

  • Venture capitalists or business angels.

  • Customer — generally is the large company specialized in the thematic direction of scientific research.


  • Agreement on investment.

  • Agreement on the main stages of funding (milestones);

  • The agreement on the distribution of intelligent property rights.

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